Scandals || Brianna&Sebastian


Brianna’s eye brows arched the moment that he told her that he didn’t know how to be gentle. “hmmmm well i’m sure i can teach you”. It wasn’t an everyday occurrence that Brianna brought people back to her place but she honestly couldn’t wait to get this charming, good looking guy alone. Climbing in the taxi, she smiled as he shut the door and leaned in. Her lips were on his in an instant and the way he pulled her closer and his hand moved up to her neck and cheek made her heart pound with a ferociousness it never had before. She was lightheaded from the way the blood was being pumped around her body. The ride wasn’t a long one and soon they pulled up outside Brianna’s place. “you’re sweet” she admitted seeing him pay for the taxi, she would make sure that he she made it up to him. Watching him look around himself, she laughed “i’m not some psycho killer i promise and i’ll get you home, well if you want to go home that is” she mused as she saw him smirk. Grabbing his hand she led him up the garden path and up the steps to her front door only letting go to locate her keys and let them in. “for someone who doesn’t do gentle you were managing it just fine in the taxi” she whispered as she pulled him inside along with her.

Sebastian followed her to the door and waited for her to open the door to the house. He laughed some at her words and shook his head. “That’s a relieving thought.” He teased and winked at her as she unlocked the door and opened it. She was whispering, so he figured her parents must have been home so he kept quiet as she pulled him with her inside. It wasn’t easy to see anything in the darkness so he kept a hold of her hand and let her lead the way to wherever they were going. Usually he would go to a shitty motelroom after a night out at scandals, this was definitely an improvement. There might be some more privacy to get here.